The Fat Loss Bible Review – Anthony Colpo

The Fat Loss Bible ReviewThe whole content of Anthony Calpo’s The Fat Loss Bible is backed up by solid scientific evidence to help readers understand why most diets – if not all – do not work. Each scientific study carried out is explained in comprehensive details and using the results from studies presented, Calpo provided the answer on which points, other diets fail.

Anthony Calpo strongly began his book by presenting common fallacies in weight loss. The author corrected each fallacy through the help of science.


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Unraveling the truth

Through years of research and personal experience, Anthony Colpo got to the bottom of things. He gathered some of the best methods to losing weight and started writing a book. The basic backbone of his program is that the diet industry will suffer a big blow to their yearly profits if every single person becomes educated on the simple facts of burning fat. It’s sad but true. These companies are dumbing you down. So instead of coughing up the truth, they will rather feed you lies to keep generating sales from you. Their products: the vitamin supplements, diet books and other marketing crap are absolutely useless. What they do is stick you into a hapless cycle of weight loss and weight gain. If you notice most of the popular diets advocated by the mass media only work for the first few months. Before you know it, you will reach a plateau with stubborn fat hanging on to your frame. Without the proper guide to weight loss and dietary nutrition, you will only gain back what you’ve lost.

Fat myths busted

This book dispels some of the biggest fat busting myths created by the so-called fitness gurus and health experts out there. Some of the lies dispelled by the book:

• Going on a low-carb or a no-carb diet will make you lose weight. This is actually nonsense. It may make you lose excess water in the first few months but it also slows down your metabolism and weakens you. When you go back to your natural pattern of eating, it’s hello weight gain.
• Eating weird food like Himalayan berries, consuming a tablespoon of icky coconut oil or doubling up on stomach turning substances like lemon juice and cayenne pepper will stimulate weight loss.
• Selling you dangerous supplements or diet drugs that are designed to “curb your appetite” or “lessen your cravings”. It’s destroying your natural body’s balance that’s all that it does. You don’t need to result to unnamed pills to attain the body you want. Don’t fall for the trap!
• Asking you to go on a juice fast, become a vegan or sit in a sauna all day. All these are shortcuts, none of which are effective in a truly fat-free body for the long term. You must know by now that nothing achieved in the quick and easy method produces serious results.
• You can lose up to 25 lbs in 25 days. One big fat lie. This is dangerous and will put you at a serious health risk.

So what makes this different?

Unlike all the other useless diet books out there,The Fat Loss Bible is actually serious about helping you out. There are no claims about getting thin quick. There are no sales pitches for diet supplements that will magically melt away the fat. All you will get is clearly written tips and tricks to burn your fat in the best way possible. It’s all laid out for you in black and white and you will never have to fumble in the dark about weight loss again.

Some things you will learn from The Fat Loss Bible:

• Why most diets out there are complete flukes and are only out to rob you.
• Why you end up losing precious muscles along with these so-called effective low-carb diets.
• Why low fat food is secretly making you fat.

Pros of this program:

• Facts are written in a clear and concise manner. There is absolutely zero BS involved.
• You will not be asked to starve, buy weight loss supplements or go on a crazy trend diet.
• You will get two free bonus books that will change the way you view weight loss and the crazy industry it revolves in: The Truth About Weight Loss Supplements and They’re All Mad!
• You can get to work immediately in melting away stubborn fat using only the most direct and truthful methods

Cons of this program:

• The real challenge for the readers is the scientific studies incorporated in the book. There are too many of them because Calpo used scientific evidence to back his argument. If you want to understand the truth about how your body responds to foods, why some foods should be avoided, and why you should eat meat, you have to read through the scientific studies.


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The Fat Loss Bible Review Conclusion:

The book is a straightforward guide on how to lose weight. With scientific studies as his powerful tool, the author boldly advocates a low-carb diet (except if you perform physical exercises, which are also introduced in the book) to address the main issue—excess body fats. You won’t be lied to or taken advantage of. It’s available at only $39.95. All you will find are tried and tested techniques proven by AnthonyColpo that will help melt fat away. It’s about time that someone went out there and told the truth about losing weight.